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The Master's Degree Program in Robotics will develop Taiwan's application and academic center for multi-disciplinary robotics, conduct foundational robotic technology and application research relevant to industries and social work, and establish a partnership between National Chiao Tung University and robotics and automation industries. The program is conducted on a vibrant campus, and comprises about 40 academics and researchers, and graduate students who are currently leaders in service robotics, unmanned vehicle technology, autonomous intelligence systems and bioengineering. Although robot technology is relatively primitive compared to human biology, its potential for improving industrial production efficiency and competitiveness is predicted in the evolution of the global market. To combine  reality and theory, the Master's Degree Program in Robotics will adopt a diversity of methods for researching robotics while retaining the original goal of realizing the potential of robotics.

The main task of the Master's Degree Program in Robotics is to understand the scientific, engineering and social roles of robotics and embedded smart systems. In particular, the focus is on the key challenges in adaptive robotic technology, namely the processing personnel and their unpredictability, non-structural and uncertain environments, and equipping robots with flexible roles.
        This program is a unique cross-disciplinary cooperation that takes advantage of  the collective strengths of its partners to lead Taiwan into becoming a world leader in modern advanced robots. This program integrates research in related fields such as machinery, electrical engineering, information, electronics and communications for robotics research and cross-disciplinary research with other media.

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