Course Enrollment Requirements

Course instruction and planning:

  • Resources from the College of Engineering, College of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and College of Computer Science are integrated to establish the  Master's Degree Program in Robotics for cultivating cutting-edge artificial intelligence talents.
  • To construct the courses for the master's degree program and research, in addition to integrating existing teaching and research equipment, additional equipment for future development are purchased to establish a forward-looking robotics laboratory that provides research, teaching and demonstrative capabilities.
  • The curriculum is as follows:
  1. Duration of study: 1 to 4 years.
  2.  Graduate students must complete at least 24 credits for graduation, and must pass the master's degree examination.

  3. Elective courses must be instructor approved, and may be taken in other schools, colleges and departments.
  4. The curriculum centers on robotics engineering and technology, integrates with the University's  existing teacher resources and courses, connects with relevant industries, and is characterized by robotic science and technology research and development, talent cultivation, and industry-university cooperation. Relevant courses are as follow: